Halle Berry are those celebrities that have created some of the most amazing black hairstyles in the world of celebrity hair fashion. Gorgeous looking black hairstyles especially made for the red carpets always catch the fancy of teenage girls and young women in the thirties.

Although the African-American hairstyles are considered as some of the best black hairstyles but you can also get a good inspirations from some of the black hairstyles pulled off by our Hollywood A-Lister and evergreen queens such as Angelina, Victoria and Katie Holmes.

halle berry concave haircut back view

I think when thinking of cool and trendy black hairstyles immediately the images of super sexy. The super short haircut fame by Halle Berry pop in our mind.

Hair is long, short, braid, curls, layered, jagged cuts and blunt bob hair are few of the most favorite black hairstyles in 2010. Women from the western countries are generally more crazy for black hairstyles unlike their counterparts from the Asian or African countries due to obvious reasons Halle Berry concave haircut back view.