Soft, breathable merino wool makes the Smart women’s union suits one piece Neck Sweater a comfortable choice for frosty – walks down to the coffee shop. Ahead rotated seams and a slim fit give this casual top a more modern look that’s form-fitting without equalling tight. Subtle stripe detailing on the bottom hem, sleeve cuff, and inside collar add a touch of contrasting color to the clean lines of these classy-looking winter threads can interchange women’s union suits one piece

This short-legged version of the union suit doesn’t seem to show up much past the 1920s. I’m still waiting for an expert on vintage men’s underclothes to stumble across this blog and explain all the things that I can’t quite fathom. One of my Women’s Institute books of this same period recommends that if making these in quantity, one buy a knit men’s undershirt and cut it up to use for the back waistband. This is an extremely sensible idea insulated one piece long johns.

women's union suits one piece

It’s interesting to see this garment made up in prints and stripes. From a sartorial perspective, was it acceptable for a gentleman’s print undergarment to show through his white shirt old fashion union suit women’s union suits one piece.